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Στο Μικροβιολογικό τμήμα διενεργούνται αιματολογικές, βιοχημικές, ορμονολογικές και ανοσολογικές εξετάσεις καθώς και προγεννητικός έλεγχος.

Το τμήμα, με πλήρη και προηγμένο εξοπλισμό, διαθέτει τη δυνατότητα για εξετάσεις με ΜΟΡΙΑΚΕΣ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΕΣ PCR, γεγονός που το καθιστά πρωτοποριακό στον ιατρικό αυτό τομέα.
Αιματολογικός έλεγχος
ADVIA® 120 Hematology System
Minimize review rates and repeats utilizing proven flow cytometry
The ADVIA 120 System offers a unique portfolio of diagnostic assays and gold standard flow cytometry testing.
The system satisfies the demands of laboratories through comprehensive testing parameters, flexible sample handling, a user-defined interface, and a compact bench-top design.
Βιοχημικός έλεγχος
Dimension® RxL Max® Integrated Chemistry System
The Dimension RxL Max integrated chemistry system provides maximum productivity with the capacity to grow through automation connectivity.
Ορμονολογικός έλεγχος
IMMULITE® 2000 Immunoassay System
Advanced Immunoassay System
The IMMULITE 2000 immunoassay system has been designed specifically for optimum efficiency and consolidation in medium and high-volume laboratories.
The IMMULITE 2000 intuitive software, and graphical user interface, offers streamlined information management, from remote test ordering to sophisticated analysis of results.
Ανοσολογικός έλεγχος
The Mago4 is an evolution of the previous analyzer Mago Plus DW. This is a completely automatic system for ELISA tests (including allergy), IFA serum agglutination (Widal-Wright) and hemagglutination (TPHA). Among the major changes from the previous version are positive sample and reagent identification, the use of disposable tips, a new software platform, multitasking Windows XP, flat screen color monitor and integrated Quality Control using Levey-Jennings and Westgard rules. 


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